Finance and Transaction Advisory

Corporate Laws

While we focus on enabling transactions between a range of operating structures such as corporate entities, limited liability partnerships, trusts and many others, we do so by developing a deep connect with the business model. By creating an assumption-led notion of the business model based on research, we gather the ability to see the value it can deliver, and thus make sure that the core of every transaction is driven by ‘trust’.

  • Formation/ Incorporation of Companies including documentation
  • Representations before Registrar of Companies (ROC)

Management Advisory Services

  • Preparation of financial statement
  • The provisions of relevant management’s report
  • Development and reporting on budget performance
  • Cash flow budgeting, reporting and management
  • Annual compliance services
  • System design for all office procedure system, documentation, and implementation

Financial Advisory Services

  • Preparation of Business Project Report and Appraisal
  • Business Valuation 
  • Accounting due diligence and legal compliances advice
  • Business opportunity and investment advice